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14 y/o (Dec/27)
Lesbian (Single)

Chaotic Neutral

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Hi, I'm Bella. I'm 14, so creeps stay away!
I'm currently in the hell-hole known as school, but in my free time I enjoy surfing the internet and creating things that I can customize, such as this website.

I'm not the best at describing myself but I would say I'm a total introvert, I'm pretty smart and I have a bad temper.

I don't like most people, but I think that's honestly pretty common.

My favorite things to collect are stuffed animas and shells.

I'm into true crime (more like lost media and shit like that), and I'm pretty into pyschology.

I enjoy researching, but you're hard pressed to catch me sharing what I'm looking at 99 percent of the time.

I love horror movies.

So yeah that's me.
Not sure what else to put here..



God loves u!!!


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Why this site?

This website was created to express my "coding skills" and my love for all things pink. I copied most of the coding put into this website.